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Is it Going to be 2004 All Over Again?

Zogby poll is not making for a happy day today:

Clinton slips behind Republican foes in new poll

(click on the headline for the link to full article)

Is the Left presenting yet another candidate who cannot win? This is not a bash-Hillary post (she is certainly not my choice for a candidate but if she gets the nomination I would certainly have to vote for her), but if it becomes obvious she cannot even beat that tool McCain, then things are pretty bleak indeed.

I read an interesting tidbit in Roseanne's blog, and whatever you think of her as an entertainer, this is certainly food for thought:

rupert murdoch's candidate

The right is pushing her cuz they know she can't win. Their plan is to run romney against her so he can win. Glenn Beck is to romney what limbaugh was to bush. Oprah steps in now, and Obama rises.

Is it really that bleak a playing field out there? That the citizens of this nation, with a president with such low approval ratings, could still pave the way for another 4-8 years of a president who will disregard science, women, civil rights, the environment, children (except their own and those of their cronies), the troops, civilians caught in pre-emptive and illegal wars, etc.?




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