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Dawn Stefanowicz's book: Homophobia defined

I saw this in One News Now:

A Christian woman from Canada has written a new book that details the trauma she suffered during her childhood as a result of her father's homosexual behavior.

Dawn Stefanowicz recounts her story of growing up in a homosexual home in Toronto, Canada, during the 1960s in Out from Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting (Annotation Press). Stefanowicz says she was prompted to write the book back in 2004 after testifying before a Canadian Senate committee against hate crime legislation and expressing public opposition to sexual diversity curriculum in her country's schools.I have talked about Ms. Stefanowicz before. Now that her book is out, I will briefly refresh the situation. This is what I said in October 2006:

I don't know whether or not Ms. Stefanowicz is telling the truth. If she is, then my heart goes out to her. But I can't help but be suspicious about her and her motives. For one thing, she did not come virtually from nowhere.

In this article in Agape Press, she recounts her tale, but using the verbage the anti-gay industry uses against us: "According to Stefanowicz, the liberal media in Canada has done a 'very poor job' of presenting evidence on the influence the homosexual lifestyle has on children. 'Scientific data and negative personal experiences related to this issue that are obviously relevant — they're ignored, they're not discussed,' she says."

And what studies are these? I noticed that on her personal webpage, she recounts her life. It is pretty much the same story she repeated in the August 2005 American Family Association Journal. But there is one difference.

Her American Family Association story contains endnotes and references to studies and columns by various so-called "pro family" groups and spokespeople including Family Research Council's Timothy Dailey (debunked on this and other sites), Stephen Bennett, and our friend Paul Cameron.

Frankly, my opinion of Ms. Stefanowicz has not changed. And part of me wants her to make the story of her alleged abuse more widespread. It would expose the distortive tactics of the anti-gay industry.

The anti-gay industry is always quick to portray themselves as simple Christians who are forced to speak out because of "radical homosexuals." They also claim that they are in the corner of the family unit.

But would One News Now have given a damn about Stefanowicz's story if her father wasn't gay? How many incidents of heterosexual parents abusing their children ever graced the pages of One News Now? I dare anyone to show me just one.

Many others have claimed that Ms. Stefanowicz's story is indicative of same-sex parenting, but is it?

I know of one gay male who became the adoptive parent of two young children. They proudly call him "daddy."

I also know of another who was selected as foster parent of the year.

And those are only two of the thousands upon thousands of lgbt parents raising children with love, support, and security.

But according to One News Now and others in the anti-gay industry, we should discount all of these parents.

According to the anti-gay industry, based on Ms Stefanowicz's childhood over 20 years ago, all of these examples of positive same-sex parenting are anamolies. Her one experience, which by the way has not been verified as far as I know, should be touted as the correct example of same-sex parenting?

No one should believe that ridiculous point of view.

However, a person who is inclined to believe the worst about lgbts would believe it, just like a racist would disavow the law-abiding African-Americans around him and focus on the one he may see in handcuffs.

I defy anyone to tell me the difference between the two prejudices.

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