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BREAKING: Trent Lott Rumored To Be Resigning

trentlott1.jpgMSNBC is reporting the following:

NBC News has learned that Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., the minority whip is in the midst of informing close allies that he plans to resign his senate seat before the end of the year. It’s possible a formal announcement of his plans could take place as early as today….

While the exactly [sic] reason Lott is stepping down before he finishes his term is unknown, the general speculation is that a quick departure immunizes Lott against tougher restrictions in a new lobbying law that takes effect at the end of the year. That law would require Senators to wait two-years before entering the lucrative world of lobbying Congress….

Lott’s departure would leave a vacancy in the Senate GOP Leadership. As minority whip, Lott is the party’s #2, behind Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. Sources tell NBC News Lott is backing Arizona’s Jon Kyl to replace him in the party leadership, but that would be determined by secret ballot within the Republican caucus.

So, let’s see if we have this straight: he’s cashing in before the lobbying restriction goes into effect — hello oil, gas, and gambling interests that he was already serving anyway — and he wants to torture everyone by putting Jon Kyl in a position to be on television regularly as the #2 Republican in the Senate. Good lord, what a way to start the day…

In case you missed the book salon yesterday with John Anderson about, in part, the GOP connections to the K Street revolving door, now would be a good time to read through the thread.  Best of luck, Trent…clearly you’ve already got a platinum parachute lined up, or you wouldn’t be jumping ship.  Cozy.

I feel the Honorary Trent Lott Seersucker Senate Week just waiting in the wings…

(Photo via jrotunda85.)

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Christy Hardin Smith

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