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Now that “Black Friday” has come and gone – and I managed to honor Buy Nothing Day even though I know it’s really unpatriotic to ignore George’s command to “go shopping,” I’m almost ready to head into that great annual gift adventure.

After all, it is the start of the holiday season – and along with wanting one of each from Christy’s cookie baking, I’m making that list and checking it … well, more than twice since it’s so darn easy to get carried away this time of year.

I know a lot of firepups make their holidays more meaningful by giving donations or through local or fair trade gift purchases that build a better world so I’d love to hear your suggestions for great ways to add some progressive spirit to the giving.

Some favorites that folks have mentioned before include Heifer International and Kiva, the group that lets you make microcredit loans (they even have gift certificates.) And some charities have their own wishlists on Amazon – which is a nice way to make a donation that leads to real results. RAWA has one which lets you send videos and supplies directly to help their work on behalf of Afghan women and is collecting donations of gifts for 100 kids in three AIDS hospices in Jamaica. (using these links will also earn FDL a little tip!)

Last week firepup Mack sent me an email about the Give One Get One project run by One Laptop Per Child which gets very cool lowcost laptops into the hands of kids around the world while getting one for your own child (or yourself?)

I’m also a big fan of the holiday cards created by Drawbridge, an art program for homeless children in the Bay Area but I’m always looking for new card choices even though I send very few – and I’d love a pointer to nice recycled wrapping paper.

Some folks on my list will definitely be getting goodies from the Chicago Honey Cooperative which provides job training to the underemployed through urban beekeeping. I became addicted to their “lip balms” this summer at our farmer’s market and can’t wait to share them along with their tasty Chitown honey.

So what else should be on my list – and what’s on yours?

Update: lots of great suggestions in comments and a wonderful link came in via email: ECOlogical Calendar.

h/t Mack

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