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Come Saturday Morning: Pretty Picture

005b.JPGBecause we all could use a pretty picture, especially with winter setting in!

This was taken at a lake near where I live.  It was a lovely day in June, the sky was blue, and I wanted to capture the golden light of the sun on the water and the lily pads. Didn’t quite pull it off, but I think you can see what I was trying to preserve in pixels.

The bucolic look is deceptive:  You can’t tell it from the pic, but right behind the photographer is a four-lane road, and the whole scene is not far at all from the “bad” part of town (which really isn’t that bad).  I really should go out and take a winter version of this scene, but I think I’ll wait for snow to be on the ground.

What pretty things are in your lives lately?

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Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman