The Embryonic Man“Hi. My name is Steve. I’d shake your hand except I’m not
planning on developing any rudimentary limbs until next month.
So…. How about them Mets?”

Box Turtle Ben has given us much joy through the years; much of it unintentional, the rest copied from other people. This week he comes up with something truly Domenechesque:

The issue at hand was taxpayer funding of said research – and just as the GOP does not believe in taxpayer funding for the destruction of unborn people, we should not embrace taxpayer funding for the destruction of embryonic people.

I remember a time when they called them the “unborn” or “embryos” or “Kathryn Jean Lopez Jr.” but I don’t believe that I have ever heard them referred to as “embryonic people”, which is vaguely creepy like Tribe Zygote or maybe the pre-Children of the Corn.

Fortunately they already have a creed.

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