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David Brooks surprised that Rudy is acting like a Republican.

McBobo can’t quite figure out why Rudy seems to have changed:

At its current nadir, the G.O.P. had been blessed with five heterodox presidential candidates who had the potential to modernize the party on a variety of fronts. They could be competing to do that, but instead they are competing to appeal to the narrowest slice of the old guard and flatter the most rigid orthodoxies of the Beltway interest groups. Giuliani could have opened the party to the armies of dynamism — the sort of hard-working strivers who live in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx; instead he has shelved one of his core convictions.

Someday Rudy Giuliani will look back on this moment and wonder why he didn’t run as himself.

This again.

George Will pulled the same move on Stephanopouli a few weeks ago, whining that Willard is a smart man doing his best to act stupid (sorry no link).

What neither of them cop to, though, is that there’s a really simple explanation for Willard’s and Rudy’s transformation: the Bush/Cheney/DeLay GOP they’ve slavishly supported all these years has become a festering cesspool of homophobia, xenophobia, incompetence and neocon global domination fantasies, all backed by a healthy dose of theocratic certainty.

Sorry, it’s a little late now that the stench and muck has ruined their precious party for McBobo and Will to suddenly look up and say, “Gee, what’s happened to the GOP?”

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