Second prize winner gets two copies of “Unhinged” and
I’ll personally stalk your house and spy on your neighbors

Michelle “Too Hateful for Fox” Malkin is starting a photoshop contest.

Want a project for the holidays? Check this out: Arianna Huffington is calling on her minions to design posters that capture their BDS spirit. It’s “A HuffPost Project: Posterizing the Modern GOP.” She hooked up with one Rich Silverstein, the guy who created the “Got Milk?” ad campaign, and came up with three posters “that simply but graphically capture the lunacy of the modern GOP.”

Personally I would have gone with this

But that’s just me.

Back to Michelle:

So, now it’s your turn. “Posterize the Modern Democrat Party.” Send in your entries, feel free to improve upon the HuffPuffers’ bland design, and I’ll post the best ones.

The winner will get a signed copy of “Unhinged.”

Personally I’m glad to see that Michelle is outsourcing the photoshopping (and I hope she’ll be asking for proof of citizenship from the eventual winner, not that Unhinged has been translated into spanish or anything) because, much like her research skills and her leaping ability, her photoshopping skillz need work:

Those are just sad. Really really sad.

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