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Chris Dodd Won’t Cross Picket Line For CBS Debate

doddpix.JPGAccording to a statement released today, Chris Dodd won’t cross the picket line for the CBS debate on December 10:

“Hopefully, it won’t come to that, but I will not cross a picket line. By standing together America’s Union movement built our middle class, and I am proud to stand with them today.”

So far Clinton, Obama, Richardson and Edwards have also said they will not cross a picket line.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, the support being given to the writers from other unions is heartening:

The International Longshore Warehouse Union today sent its support to striking WGA members in the form of holiday food baskets literally overflowing with frozen turkeys and other Thanksgiving fixings. According to ILWU member Chris Bradley, the baskets are his membership’s way of showing solidarity with the writers. “These are paid for from the pockets of the rank-and-file,” said Bradley of his fellow Longshoremen.

Also on hand to deliver the holiday baskets was Longshoremens’ Coast Committeeman Ray Ortiz, Jr., who expressed his support for the WGA, saying, “An injury to one union is an injury to all unions. And you have been injured.”

Susan Baronoff from the WGA’s strike headquarters described the scene of the donation as “Capra-esque,” with a room full of 60-pound baskets, so large that many of the WGA volunteers could barely lift them. “It was a wonderful act of generosity, and a real show of support from their union to ours,” said Baronoff, who adds that the WGA has already begun contacting writers who are hardest hit by the strike and most in need of the donations.

The WGA distributed them not only to their own members but to teamsters whose jobs have been affected by the strike.

And Campanille restaurant on La Brea is starting a Writers’ Soup Kitchen. If you show a WGA card, they’ll feed everyone at your table a three-course meal for $18. (Campanille has always been one of my very favorite restaurants, the food is fabulous and that’s a bargain.)

Lots of random acts of kindness from people in a city where 69% of those aware of the strike support the writers.

A nice way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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