Thanksgiving or the nearest thing to it.Some people just aren’t cut out for the holidays

I guess this would be the obligatory Thanksgiving holiday post. Here goes…

This is the first one of those “family-get-together” type holidays where we actually have a member of the immediate family coming home to celebrate… well, whatever it is that we celebrate at Thanksgiving. The lovely and talented Casey arrived home from Hawaii this evening and we had the opportunity to take part in the airport crush that, in previous years, we used to watch on TV and revel in our good fortune that we weren’t one of those poor saps. Not so this year.

We’re glad to have her home, if only for three days, and we’ve already caught up on the little changes: her bedroom that is now designated the “spare bedroom”, her new tattoo (which she got a few weeks ago when the lovely and also-now-tattooed mrs tbogg was visiting her. More on that some other time. I promise.), her industrial (since the nose piercing, all new additions are limited to the general ear area), and, oh yes, the moped that we will be shopping for when we do this coming home again thing at Christmas. Yes. they do grow up so fast. Argh.

Since we have no wingnutty relatives, I have no advice for those who need a snappy comeback should politics erupt over dinner. Maybe a smirk and a simple “Yeah. That’s going well” will get you through until pie-time when peace once again settles uneasily across the land. About the pie and the turkey and the stuffing and those other things; we’re having none of it this year, having chosen to gather the family around a timpano, and so we will give thanks to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for our noodley bounty. We’re just more Sacco & Vanzetti than Plymouth Rock, what can I say. Afterwards.. crème brûlée because it is French. We may even call it Freedom Brûlée.

As far as giving thanks, I personally want to thank each and every one of you (except for John Moltz who makes fun of our tacky sconces) for stopping by and letting me entertain you…or whatever it is that I do that floats your boat. Additionally I truly believe that each and every one of us should take time today to drop down on our knees and thank whatever imaginary deity we may or may not believe in that we had the good sense this year to not dress up as a spastic Catholic schoolgirl, videotape ourselves pretending to be a cheerleader, and then post it on the internets.

I mean, it’s okay to do the dressing up and filming it part, but posting it for the whole world to see?


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