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When waking up and turning on the computer, the last thing one wants to do is open their inbox and see vomit.  How does this happen?  Must've been when I tried to register for an account so I could counter some stupid dumbass in his comments section or peruse Hannidate for the laughable neo-cons.

By the way, if you didn't catch it, Hannity et al, are trying to "Hannitize the Vote" by declaring "Stop Hillary" and thereby declaring her the nominee.  They've been doing this since before anyone announced their candidacy.  Sean is a staunch supporter of Guiliani, esp. since he's updated his vocabulary to include verbs, nouns, 9/11, and adjectives in all of his sentences.

The only upside is that he "claims" that all "profits" (which will probably be a penny per item) will go to a semi-decent charity which pays for scholarships to veterans' children.

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