What does it mean to be a Democrat?

Last week I posted a diary encouraging people to sign a petition to support a censure of Senator Dianne Feinstein.  The censure was to have been proposed at a meeting of the California Democratic Party over the weekend. 

It was a stretch, to be sure.  The idea had less than a week to be circulated and discussed. even put their support behind the action toward the end of the week.  In all nearly 35,000 people quickly took action and added their voice to the growing dissatisfaction with the support Feinstein has given to Bush nominees – turning her back on what are supposed to be the ideals of the Democratic Party.

The censure wasn't even debated.  It was shot down from conversation – at least open conversation – by exercise of procedural motions courtesy of the people running the meeting.  

The thing is, they knew it was coming and they had to prepare to keep the dialog from starting, which means there was recognition of the disgust that Feinstein has inspired.  Finally, after years of bad decisions and Liebermanesque fence straddling, people were fed up enough to find a way to express outrage.

I've been expressing my dismay for years.  I've had numerous  anti-Feinstein editorials published in the San Francisco Chronicle.  I've called her.  I've written her.  I organized a group of friends together in 2004 to take out a full page in the Bay Area Reporter following the remarks  she made after the Presidential election where she blamed John Kerry's loss on same sex couples.

She has been wrong on many accounts for many years and yet the conformity of the Democratic party won't allow for the consideration of her errors.  It is their kind of thinking that elects people like George Bush to office. 

I am extremely encouraged by the actions of the Courage Campaign in the past week.  Momentum has begun and it is overdue.  The email I just received from them includes a link to the post-censure announcement and includes a YouTube video of the censure being proposed on the floor of the CDP meeting.  

It is a brief and revealing video that shows how the work of political parties is done.  It isn't glamorous and it sure isn't open to dissent. 

Check out the statement and video from the Courage Campaign:  http://www.courageca…

The Courage Campaign asks a very relevent question.  We are only weeks away from Preisdential Primary season:

What does it mean to be a Democrat?

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