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Turkey day travels

Blenders, by the time you read this, Kate and I will be navigating through Dear Leader's homeland security check at RDU to fly to Philly. We're spending Thanksgiving with my brother Tim and my sister-in-law in Delaware. I'm still running an erratic fever (long story, but it's not just the flu at this point). It didn't help that today I had to work a full day simply to get my deskwork done to take the time off.

Last year when we flew home from Philly, which is only about a half hour from Newark, DE, our bags got lost. Actually, not lost — they never left the terminal. They were delivered to our house the next day, but it turns out that several people have told me since that baggage handling at Philly is sucktastic, so this year we are doing carry-on only. We're back  Saturday afternoon.

What's on the menu so far:
Turkey is a maybe
Leg of lamb
Mac and cheese
Collard greens
Green beans
Candied yams
Apple pie
Pumpkin pie
Waldorf salad
Assorted other stuff we haven't decided on yet. Hope I can taste the damn food.


What are people doing for the day? Hosting, visiting someone who is doing the cooking, or like me, visiting and cooking, lol? Menu items?

It will look like I'm kind of scarce on the blog, since I've slept rather than stacking up a lot of posts, but I'll check in from time to time. 

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Pam Spaulding