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Time Magazine Rejected Karl Rove As Columnist

459513567_c7a7a79829.jpgAccording to Radar Online:

For its part, Time magazine said nothing publicly about Rove’s arrival at Newsweek, but a well-placed source told me that Bob Barnett (every Washington literati’s favorite lawyer, including Bill Clinton) had traveled to the Time-Life building on Sixth Avenue to offer Rove’s services before Newsweek snared them. Time‘s editors apparently felt the cost/benefit analysis wouldn’t be in their favor if they embraced the man who has done more than anyone to keep the spirit of Joe McCarthy alive and well in American politics. (Read Joshua Green’s definitive profile from the Atlantic in 2004.) “Time thought this wouldn’t be like hiring George Stephanopoulos,” my source explained. “They think Karl is essentially like an unindicted coconspirator in a whole string of felonies.”

Besides the obvious shock value, there was another reason Rove’s arrival in the fourth estate was inevitable. In public, Rove is one of dozens of conservatives who assiduously bash the press. Last summer, channeling Agnew, Rove told Rush Limbaugh that “the people I see criticizing [Bush] are sort of elite effete snobs.” But at the same time, Rove was constantly massaging big-time Washington journalists over long lunches at the Hay Adams Hotel.

Karl Rove has done more than almost anyone I can think of in modern times to push abject propaganda into the press and subdue journalists into compliant stenographers. He’s a thug and, as noted above, should probably more rightly be spending his time defending himself in a court of law for a variety of offenses.

He’s not a journalist, neither is he a friend to journalists — his exploits have indeed included McCarthy-esque campaigns against reporters who dare to lift the cover on the Bush criminal enterprises. But it is evidence of how low he’s brought the profession that he could be considered one.

(via ThinkProgress; photo by Steve Schwartz)

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