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David Phillips can keep 'POOFTER' license plates

I just received an email from David Phillips, who you may know from his notoriety for disclosing the horrible exploitative encounter he had with Senator Larry Craig back in the 80s.

He also made the news for the absurd treatment he received from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles when it recalled his license plates for “obscenity.” Somehow “POOFTER” must have become obscene overnight as Phillips has had the plates for 11 years before it hit the DMV radar.

The commonwealth of Virginia is not amused. It gave Phillips his vanity plates in error, Carolyn Easley, coordinator of the special license plates office, wrote in a recent letter. “You may have grown fond of your personalized plates,” but they are “socially, racially or ethnically offensive or disparaging” and “you must return them.”

Well someone reversed that thinking because David won the right to keep them: 

This morning the Virginia DMV notified me by phone that I can keep my POOFTER plates.  This after I returned directly to the head of the DMV the generic plates supplied with their hate letter, along with correspondence indicating my dedication to my First Amendment rights to self-identify in terms that meets no reasonable test for obscenity. I look forward to receiving the DMV's written apology for this incident.

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