I think it’s great that Rachel Paulose has resigned (h/t JF)

Rachel Paulose, the embattled U.S. attorney for Minnesota, will beleaving the post to take a position at the Justice Department inWashington, according to a Bush administration official and acongressional aide.

According to a news release sent by thedepartment of justice, Paulose has accepted a position as Counselor tothe Assistant Attorney General for Legal Policy at the Department ofJustice in Washington, D.C. Ms. Paulose will resign from her currentposition and assume her new role effective in early January 2008.

But why in god’s name are we keeping her on the taxpayer’s dime?

I can only imagine that her claims that she’s being targeted because she’s a Federalist Society member would make her hard for someone to fire…

The McCarthyite hysteria that permits the anonymous smearing of anypublic servant who is now, or ever may have been, a member of theFederalist Society; a person of faith; and/or a conservative(especially a young, conservative woman of color) is truly a disserviceto our country.

…particularly someone who had to be vetted by the Federalist Society to get his job. But c’mon folks!



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