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Fran Townsend Resigns

News via TP. Actually, you should click through and read the AP report, which is stark in its brevity (at least as of 8:49 today). I think they had to use a soft return to get the announcement long enough to take up two lines.

Which suggests it’s not clear WTF to think of this. Recall that before she was appointed, Libby (back in his halcyon pre-felon days) and Addington launched a smear campaign to get Bush to appoint someone else. They were worried that Townsend might oppose some of their more, um, creative methods, particularly extraordinary rendition. But apparently she had no such moral qualms.

But don’t worry about Townsend. Given that Homeland Security is the most frequent career path for White House employees turned lobbyists, I’m sure she’ll land on her feet in the burgeoning Homeland Security industry. I’m just curious who they’ll get to do Dick’s dirty work.

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