The Devil Is Either In The Details Or In My Pants

The Pride of Poca is seriously miffed that his MSM compatriots failed to drum up some sectarian triumphalism over the loss of a seat by a state representative in Louisiana:

I doubt AP would have downplayed a Republican losing over a racist remark.

As a member of the MSM for most of my adult life, I should resent charges of a pro-Democrat bias in the media. Really, I should.

But then Melinda Deslatte of the Associated Press and her editors in New York do something like this: Downplay the election loss of a white Democratic State Representative in Louisiana who had called a civil rights leader “Buckwheat.”

The loss by Democratic Representative Carla Dartez, D-Morgan City, was briefly mentioned in the 7th paragraph.

It should have been the lead in the national story.

Few people outside of Louisiana care how many seats Democrats kept.

Now if the Dartez loss had contributed to the Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives, well, then he’d have a point. But it didn’t and, as usual, he doesn’t, and his petty niggling over perceived MSM bias comes dangerously close to trampling all over Gun Counter Gomer’s stomping grounds creating a potential cyber-Hatfield-McCoys feud, the likes of which coastal elites like myself enjoy due to its rustic élan.

Now git in the house Ellie Mae, a’forin I takes a strap to ya…

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