Sunday Five Brothers Blogging –
The Hardest Working Man in Show Business Politics EditionWe be ballin’

Apparently internal polls within the Romney campaign show that people don’t think that DadMitt has been as active as, say, Fred Thompson who has been staving off decomposition by occasionally clearing his throat and shifting in his chair while he naps.

Therefore the Five Brothers theme this past week has been “energetic”.


I’ve stated a few times that one thing is for certain on this campaign trail—my Dad won’t get out worked by anybody. Matthew Miller at Race 4 2008 recently did a few hours or research using the Washington Post’s campaign tracker. Here are a few excerpts from his blog:

“1. Romney’s the hardest working candidate in the race. After tediously tallying each campaigns events, I’ve found that Romney has held 493 events since January 7th. 50 more then his closest competitor, John Edwards. 92 more then McCain. 95 more then Obama. 125 more then Hillary. And a whopping 227 more then Rudy.


A Very Important Play Date

My dad was in town last week for a very important play date. I’ve rarely seen my dad outpaced by anyone, but he admitted he was exhausted after following Parker around the park, the merry go round, and FAO Schwartz.


Yesterday I had the chance to spend the day on the campaign trail with my dad since he came for a visit to Southern California. I get asked all the time how my dad can maintain such a high energy level for so many consecutive days. Let me say honestly I just don’t know how he does it. It’s just the way he is. He’s the hardest worker I’ve ever known, and add the fact that he’s really smart and you’ve got a great combination. Hey this guy ought to be president or something.

5am: Wake up and go for jog. There are no pictures from this because I only woke up long enough to watch him go out the door … then I went back to bed.

6:45am – 9:15am: I took my dad for a quick tour of my community, Rancho Bernardo, so he could see the devastation from the wild fires first hand. I’ve been helping a friend of mine, Reed, whose house sustained damage in the fire. We’ve been working on removing a stump from a big tree in his front yard that burned down. My dad joined me and a few others (my co-worker, Greg, my uncle, Jim, and Reed) to put some more work into it.

Later Mitt met with scientists from Mountain Dew Laboratories who took a sample of his blood which they intend to synthesize in order to create MittXXXXtreme!!, the first Postum-flavored high energy beverage.

Suck on it, Red Bull.

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