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War on Christmas 2007: Liberty Counsel releases 'Naughty' company list

Mat Staver and the Liberty Counsel have identified the agents of Satan with their “Friend or Foe” guidelines listing companies whose holiday promotions do not reflect “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

Staver says shoppers should let stores know that they will not shop there until the establishment does recognize the roots of Christmas and the word itself. He stresses the importance of that move in stopping the erosion of the holiday and the liberty to celebrate a religious origin for cultural customs.

“If we just simply continue to fund retailers that ignore the holiday while taking our money, then we are contributing to the elimination and censorship and demise of Christmas,” he argues.

I know you cannot wait to see who is on the fundie sh*t list.  Here you go…

Who's Naughty

Ace Hardware: Holiday Decorations section on web site. Christmas Trees are referred to as Trees.

Banana Republic: Web site: Kick off the party season in style, Holiday Gift Guide. No mention of Christmas.

Bloomingdales: Web site: Gifted 2007, one Christmas ornament, one Christmas makeup kit, no celebration of Christmas made evident, no Christmas e-card or gift card, but there is a Hanukkah e-card.

Circuit City: Web site: Holiday Gift Guide, Free shipping by December 24th. Only mention of Christmas is in the shipping fine print.

Dicks Sporting Goods: Web site: The Gift Center. No mention of Christmas.

Gap: Web site: For the Season. Holiday Doggie Pajamas, Sweet Holiday Dreams Long Sleep Set, Holiday Graphic Bodysuit, Holiday Letters Bodysuit. No mention of Christmas.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy: Mentions holiday, holiday cards, Festive Seasonal Boxed Cards, and the slogan Reach for the Stars this Holiday Season on the web site. No mention of Christmas.

More naughty vendors, and what Liberty declares “nice” companies, are after the jump.

More holiday miscreants:

Hollister Co: Web site: SoCal X-Mas video, Holiday Beach video. No mention of Christmas.

Home Depot: Web site: Everything is red and green, but its the Holiday Gift Center, Holiday Decorations, Home for the Holidays, Artificial Trees, not Christmas trees. No mention of Christmas.

J. Crew Outfitters: Web site: Holiday Look Highland Holiday, The Very Merry Gift Shop, and Were Going Home for the Holidays.

K-Mart: Web site: Holiday Shop, Holiday Toys, Get it in time for the Holiday, Holiday Planner. They are calling Christmas The Holiday. Some local store managers may be hanging Christmas signs, but the company does not appear to be celebrating Christmas.

Kohl's: “Holiday shopping list,” no Christmas trees: just Trees, “Hanukkah” section, “Holiday: find the perfect gifts,” “45 days left: shipping deadlines,” “stocking stuffers,” “St. Nicholas station” and “Nativity” section, but never mentions “Christmas.”

Lane Bryant: “Holiday HQ,” “Gift Guide,” “For a truly special holiday gift…” “Holiday Season,” “Holiday Looks,” and “Holiday Style” on the web site. Typing “Christmas” in the search engine brings up nothing.

Marshalls: Front Page of the web site: “Who Wants a Holiday That Looks Like Everyone Elses?” “Holiday Style,” and “Holiday Decorating Ideas.” No mention of Christmas.

Nordstrom: Web site: “Once Upon a Holiday… gifts were given,” “Great Gifting.” No mention of Christmas. Dec 19 “Last day to make Holiday deadline.”

Office Max: Web site: “Great Gifts for the Holiday,” “Snappy Holiday Gift Ideas,” “Furnish your office in time for the holidays,” and “Everything you need this holiday season and beyond.” No mention of Christmas.

Old Navy: “Holiday Favorites,” “Holiday Morning,” “Season in Style,” and “Holiday Gift Guide” sections on the web site. No mention of Christmas.

Pet Smart: Web site: “Holiday Central,” “Photos with Santa Claws,” “Holiday Games,” “Holiday Wrapping Paper,” and “Holiday Shops.” No mention of Christmas.

Sears: Online: December 25 is the “holiday”.

Shopko: Report: Newspaper ad says they are selling “holiday lights”, “holiday trees”, and other “holiday items.” Web site: “Holiday ornaments, trees and lighting.”

Sprint: Web site: “Tis the season to give SprintSpeed,” “Holiday Entertainment,” “Holiday Season,” and “Sprint lights up the Holidays.” No mention of Christmas.


I guess Mat and the Liberty Counsel must not have must work to do out there if they are wasting times on these lists. Are there no cases to file, no urgent demands for slabs of Ten Commandments on federal grounds? The best they can do with all that legal talent is compile fundie holiday shopping guides? 

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