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The Russ Belville Show is on Right Now

Howdy!  I’m on the airwaves right this minute, jibber-jabbering about politics, news, and culture.  Tune in live on XM Satellite Radio channel 167 or to a terrestrial talk station near you (if I’m not there, call that station and tell them you want me there).  If you feel like gettin’ chatty, give me a call at 866-557-7377.

I’m starting the show off as always with The Week in 90 Seconds, followed by today’s topics, which include a look at the Vegas Dem Debate, the passage by the House of ENDA (-T), drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants, and my Lunatic Fringe Award for the most outrageous statement made this week by a conservative politician, preacher, or pundit.

The Russ Belville Show is brought to you by Hypocrisol™ – the ointment for Repugs with their heads up their ass – and Votemout™ – the little pill that treats outrage fatigue.

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