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Pull Up A Chair…

Love these guys…your morning laugh with the “Back Dorm Boys” lip synching “Don’t Lie” from the Black Eyed Peas…the nostril flaring cracks me up.

Yesterday evening, Mr. ReddHedd decided to torture me by forcing me to vicariously watch Rudy Giuliani giving a stump speech at a public meeting at Drake University in Iowa.  I was trying to read something nonpolitical to clear my brain, and he was flipping channels and landed on Rudy on the HDTV Channel.  He called it “part of the educational process,” but let’s just say there will be no homemade cinnamon rolls at our house this morning.

During his opening speech, Guiliani said one of the funniest things that I have heard in a long time:  “If you don’t elect me, we could end up to the left of France.”   (Or something close to that, because our damned Tivo wouldn’t allow me to back it up and get an exact quote.  And getting an exact quote is difficult when you almost fall out of your chair laughing.)

Ooooooooh….scare me.  Left of France.  Slap my ass and pass me the freedom fries, Rudy, because it must be no cliche left behind week and I missed the memo.  Frankly, we haven’t had enough half-assed, cliched leadership in this country the last few years, so sign me up for four more years of “my President says whatever comes to mind without thinking about it first.”  Oh yeah, baby, doesn’t that sound like just what we need in the US of A?

While we were snickering, Mr. ReddHedd said:  “Now, I can tell you this, because I’m an educated man.  If we are to the left of France, we are in the Atlantic Ocean.  You can look at the map.”  

Beyond this point, there be dragons.

(And yes, the snarky Mr. ReddHedd take on the “left of France” idiocy did get him back in my good graces enough for the cinnamon rolls.  Plus, I figured why punish myself, too?  Mmmmmm…pecan rolls…) 

I don’t know about you guys, but the general idiocy of political discourse and media “commentary” thereon has gotten on my last nerve this week.  This morning, what I really need more than anything is a good laugh.  And so, on your behalf and mine, I’ve looked up a giggle or two on YouTube.  And found some good old-fashioned snark to share.

— Same guys singing “As Long As You Love Me.” (YouTube)  No idea what it is about them, but they crack me up.  Especially the guy in the background working on his computer.  mweee heeee

—  Did someone say laughter? (YouTube)

— TBogg?  He funny

— This cracked me up, too, although the humor is a little potty.  (I feel so punaise.)

— I thought the first part of this was kind of funny (YouTube), in that you could watch it with your grandpa in the room and he’d get a laugh, too, sort of way.  And the rest is just a really well executed idea that more campaigns ought to be doing to encourage caucusing in Iowa.  More participation is a good thing in my book. 

— And finally, why I love Kung Fu Monkey:

You know what I felt, as a “young writer” when the “union albatross” was slipped around my neck? I remember, indeed, my first horrified thought. “Wow, a living wage!”, followed immediately by “Now I can get my loved ones better health insurance.” Years later, as a successful writer, that albatross was the only thing keeping much more powerful, connected humans from taking some of my .3% DVD residual above and beyond what they were already making.

Listen, I get it. You love free markets. So do I. I just know that they weren’t designed by Jesus. They’re not perfect, and sometimes you need a union not out of any high moral stance, but just to maintain fair business practices.

To paraphrase a previous post — I live with the tiger, I love it, but I respect its teeth and instincts. Stop asking why I don’t just pet the kitty.

We should all be supporting the WGA — because fair is fair.  But something about that whole “look you moronic nincompoops” smackdown attitude here just made me snicker out loud.  Good on ya!

What made you laugh this week?  Anything?  Do share…and pull up a chair…

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

Christy is a "recovering" attorney, who earned her undergraduate degree at Smith College, in American Studies and Government, concentrating in American Foreign Policy. She then went on to graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania in the field of political science and international relations/security studies, before attending law school at the College of Law at West Virginia University, where she was Associate Editor of the Law Review. Christy was a partner in her own firm for several years, where she practiced in a number of areas including criminal defense, child abuse and neglect representation, domestic law, civil litigation, and she was an attorney for a small municipality, before switching hats to become a state prosecutor. Christy has extensive trial experience, and has worked for years both in and out of the court system to improve the lives of at risk children.

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