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Open thread – 'ex-gay' therapy special

[NOTE: What the heck kind of bug is circulating around these parts? I was feeling fine yesterday, now I’m running a 102-degree fever, coughing and have body aches and chills! Going to get under a blankie…UPDATE: 10:50 – down to 100.6, doing lots of fluids. Sat up and watched the NOVA I recorded on the Dover Intelligent Design/Evolution court battle. Excellent stuff.]

Here is a must-read I’ve held onto for a while:
From Buggery To Huggery: Richard Cohen Has A Plan For Your Family

You know, this Richard Cohen:

The above is a sample of his reparative “therapy” from a report on CNN, via Truth Wins Out. You can see the hilarious CNN interview here.More humiliation below, from The Daily Show. What sane person would buy Cohen’s book after seeing this?

* Ex-gay Randy Thomas torches ex-gay ‘therapist’ Richard Cohen
* The ex-gay movement takes another hit on The Daily Show

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Pam Spaulding