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The Peter focuses 'like a laser beam' on his fundraising appeal

I love the take of Steve Ralls of SLDN's blog The Frontlines on the latest bleating for bucks from The Peter.

First, he gave us the flattering but much un-due credit for writing a recent episode of the ABC series Boston Legal. And now Peter is heaping more compliments on us, saying SLDN is among the groups that “focus like a laser beam” on getting our job done.

We're feeling the love, Peter.  We're feeling the love.

LaBarbera's latest rant comes in the form (of course) of a fundraising letter.  Employing the political scare tactics that some on his side of the fence love to use to raise money and votes, Peter implores his supporters to send in $100 to “keep Americans for Truth  in the battle for truth and God’s morality.”  And he goes on to say that, “We need 100 supporters to give $100 towards our goal of raising $150,000 by year’s end.”

…So let's do it.  Let's get 100 (or more) of you to give a tax-deductible contribution of $100 (or more) to SLDN, and dedicate your gift to the brave service members that Peter wants to defame and dishonor.

And LaBarbera goes on shamelessly, giving props to friend of the Blend Jim Burroway:

Homosexual activists are notoriously vicious and hateful, even as they accuse others of “hate” and “intolerance.”  They often lie by taking our reports out of context, and resort to nasty, ad hominem attacks. Here homosexual blogger Jim Burroway mocks Americans For Truth founder Peter LaBarbera as a crazed “leatherman”: because we fearlessly expose homosexual perversions like the Folsom Street Fair (in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district), they say WE are the perverts.  Click HERE to help AFTAH expose and confront this evil lobby with your online gift of $100 or more today.

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Pam Spaulding