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Chicago Immigrants Slam Rahm Emanuel

pb150022jpg.jpgBlue America joined with immigrants’ rights groups in Illinois to take on Rahm Emanuel and his efforts to push House Democrats into backing the enforcement-only Heath Shuler/Tom Tancredo SAVE Act in the House. That bill would put the Department of Defense in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security to spend a lot of money turning the border into a police state (Shuler’s office boasts that Mark Pryor introduced the same legislation in the Senate yesterday).


This savvy advice to the savvy Democrats has led them to jettison any further attempt to get a comprehensive immigration bill and instead rush to introduce an entirely punitive “enforcement” boondoggle called the SAVE Act that throws even more police power at Homeland Security, tons of money at police agencies, both militarizes AND privatizes the border (a neat trick), empowers the IRS to share information with other agencies and creates a new federal database that contains information about every American worker.

…The savvy Dems have decided to do this because they believe that by helping Tom Tancredo “move the ball” they can “take the issue off the table.” It is the same tried and true Greenberg and Carville tactic that was argued in 2002 when they said to get the Iraq war resolution off the table so the Dems could discuss the issue their focus groups told them people really cared about — prescription drug coverage. This tactic has really been a big success for Democrats: five long years later, we are arguing that we need to get immigration off the table so we can get down to the issue people really care about — Iraq.

rahmpolish600.jpgThere was a press conference held regarding the ad in front of Rahm’s district office at which Siun spoke yesterday (photo). It was also covered by Chicago public radio, CNN en Espanol, Radio La Ley, Telemundo and Hoy.

Rahm has an immigrant population of 50% in his district. We took out ads in Spanish, Korean and Polish (the three largest immigrant communities in IL-05).

It was your donations through Blue America that paid for the ads in full. You can contribute to Rahm’s Accountability Moment here.

First one to spot Rahm back in Illinois kissing babies in immigrant communities gets a free FDL t-shirt.

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