Cockslap fight at the PW Corral (Added)

Godlstein Jr. makes a dick move….Papa Godlstein calls him on it. Dirty laundry is aired (keep scrolling)…hilarity ensues.

For the record, what Collins did is beyond the pale and I feel bad for Jeff for being tainted by it. And after all of that hard work he did at the YAF Leadership whateverthehellitwas….

(Added): The boys just can’t help it:

Comment by Jeff G. on 11/17 @ 9:05 am #

I’m not at all interested in Fred Thompson’s dick, for the record. I do notice, however, that lefties like Shalimar who have seized on my “cock slapping” response to Kevin K (which was context specific) tend to use it — and me — almost as a beard to talk about the dick. Constantly. In every context. And at every opportunity.

Convenient for them, I guess — and I really don’t mind, being a giver and all.

There’s a psychiatric term for their behavior, most likely. Maybe the ex Dan addressed this post to can help us out with the technical terms? Provided she’s not on the sauce, I mean.

Just when you think they’ve reached the bottom, they scratch a few more inches below the surface.

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