Crawling from the wreckage (Added)

This showed up in the mail today and, although I’m not a huge Winehouse fan, she does have a certain car-wreck appeal. And for $8, it’s cheaper than going to a movie.

Female impersonators years hence will look back upon this as the Golden Age.

(Added) Later that night….

As good as the concert is on the DVD (and it is very good although a touch ragged at the beginning) the documentary is even better. Starting with the older footage when she was discovered and taking it to the featuredconcert it’s like watching the arc of an entire career. A cleaned-up Amy Winehouse has the potential to be a cultural/merchandising/media powerhouse along the lines of Madonna or Gwen Stefani.

Watching the video prompted a conversation that centered around the fact that while there is selection of truly interesting female singers available these days( Winehouse, Regina Spector, Neko Case, Jenny Lewis, and the always fascinating Bjork) the cupboard is pretty much bare when it comes to male artists.

First person to mention James Blunt dies a fiery death…

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