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I could be liveblogging the Dem debate going on in Las Vegas tonight, but I think I have better things to do, like sitting with the doggies and vegging out to recover from blogging and day job burnout. It's not like we're going to hear anything new from the pols unless there's a slip up of some note.

While we have time to gab away, I haven't asked these questions in a while…

* Why do you come to the Blend? What interests you?

* What are ways the blog could improve as a community, in terms of new features? (More liveblogs, chat room sessions, video, podcasting, interviews, contests, etc?)

* Would you like a Blend book salon feature, with a reviews of political or LGBT tomes and perhaps live blogs with authors? 

UPDATE:  Since you're sharing thoughts about the blog, I thought I'd share information about you all — the readers. Demographics are after the jump. 

Readership data for Pam's House Blend, based on the 2007 Blog Reader Project (based on  474 respondents):

Some stats (much more available at the above link):





How often do you attend church:


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