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My first diary entry!

I recently read a Rolling Stone article about the prognostications of Dr. James Lovelock, the Gaia Hypothesis guy.  He thinks that 6 billion of us will die in this century due to global warming's droughts, famines, and floods, reducing the human global population to .5 billion.  Lovelock says that the Sahara will spread into Europe, that the Chinese will flee into Siberia (and be opposed by the Russians), and that Americans will flee into Canada (but imagine the irony of the Canadians first hiring the Mexicans to build a fence to keep Americans out). 

I also think it's going to get bad.  And I think it's going to be especially nasty for gay folks, for there will be many who will want “to burn the fags” to placate the angry Gods of Drought, Famine, and Floods.

Do you think our stint on this Earth is ending?

And do you think we'll be blamed for humanity's demise? 

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