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Gingrich Goes Green? Not Bloody Likely

151592252_02ce85e7e1.jpgAndrew Sullivan defends Newt the environmentalist:

And the enviro-left blows a gasket. It seems to me that if environmentalists actually care about the planet, they should be engaging in dialogue with those who want to do the same thing, even if they differ on policy. Here you have an impeccably credentialed conservative puling the GOP to a more eco-friendly position. And they can’t hurl enough vitriol in his direction.

We’re not operating in a vacuum here and it’s not like Newt wasn’t responsible for some of the most anti-environmental legislation of all time. From the National Wildlife Federation, on Newt’s Contract with America:

Taken as a whole, the House plan constitutes the broadest and deepest attack ever mounted against laws that protect public health, the environment, natural resources and wildlife.

Newt also wanted to be numbered as an Iraq war critic — just a few days before he started pimping for war with Iran. He does not operate in good faith, but he’s quite adept at identifying a public concern (environmentalism) and appropriating its language in order to undermine it.

Andy please stop kicking the football.

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