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Chuck wants you to dig deep for Huck

Straight from the former Arkansas governor and presidential hopeful's web site, a plea for cash by Walker, Texas Ranger himself:

Mike Huckabee Is Chuck Norris Approved.

Mike doesn't abandon his values for what's expedient. Like our Founding Fathers, he's not afraid to stand up for a Creator and against secularist beliefs. At the same time, he doesn't fear offending Christian leaders who give up their values in pursuit of electing their “team leader” just like everyone else.

There are a lot of RED– labeled pleas for cash, but the fun is in the comments. A Ron Paul fan invaded the place.

thanks so much for your support chuck norris! you got the call and heeded it and what a man you are! but then you've never been afraid of nuthin!

keep pumping out them columns on world net daily.

(go to search and put in “huckabee” to see the latest WND columns on the huck)

i did what you say, invited some new friends to huckabee land and i will donate $200 when my paycheck comes.

blessings, peace, mercy, and wisdom and strenth to huck and all his supporters and especially TEAM HUCKABEE, YOU'RE ALL GREAT.


I understand your goal is garner support for Ron Paul. I assure you, if you would manage to get one to convert from Huck to Paul it would be a shock to us all. Most of us have been on our knees for years and prayed for God to bring us a man like Mike Huckabee. The rest have diligently researched all candidates, including Dr. Paul, and come to the logical conclusion that Gov. Huckabee is the man deserving of our support. We respect your decision to support Dr. Paul. Please, go support him……. and let us support Gov. Huckabee without the interuption.
God Bless!


…I am one of those MANY that have PRAYED for a RIGHTEOUS person to be elected as President of the U.S.

My prayers have been answered and that person is Ron Paul. He does not follow the herd. He is truly a man of truth and does not flip flop.

Mr. Huckabee is a good man but he does not have a consistent walk, a mature walk of principle. He changes his opinions too much, does not vote according to the constitution…..this I consider to be a lack of integrity.

The LOGICAL conclusion for any American that is not intellectually lazy would be to vote for Ron Paul. He has the backbone that will be needed to make the hard decisions to get us out of the mess we are in in this country. I respect that you do not want my “interruption”….so this will be my last post.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding