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What Is It with GOPers and Their Email?, Episode 516,345

It seems the only thing Republicans do more consistently than troll for extra-marital sex in public places is delete their emails. Via CREW, ABC News is reporting that Congressman Feeney is spending a chunk of money in an attempt–apparently–to reconstruct some lost emails.

Since April, Rep. Tom Feeney, R-Fla., has paid over $90,000 to aWashington, D.C. office of FTI Consulting, through his re-electioncampaign and a separate legal defense fund he began in June, according to financial filings and a news account.

The payments were for helping Feeney "voluntarily cooperate" withfederal prosecutors, according to Pepper Pennington, the congressman’sspokeswoman.

Among its specialties, FTI provides "electronic evidence consultingfocused on time-sensitive situations," "computer forensic services" and"e-mail reconstruction," according to the firm’s Web site.

The Department of Justice has reportedly sought e-mails from Feeneyregarding interactions between the lawmaker’s office and Abramoff, thedisgraced former Republican superlobbyist who was arrested in 2004 andhas been cooperating with government investigators.

Now, granted, I’m extrapolating from the news that Feeney is spending $90,000 to a firm that reconstructs emails to the assumption that the emails in question disappeared. But if I’m right, it puts Feeney in the company of Bush and Cheney and Rove and Matt Blunt–all of them suspected of doing some not quite legal things and all of them with mysteriously disappearing emails. Good thing Feeney is being so forthcoming with those emails, huh?

I find this particularly interesting given that we know DOJ has Abramoff’s emails from Greenberg Traurig–I’ve long suspected that’s where DOJ first learned of the RNC server, back in 2004, when they got a Greenberg Traurig email from Susan Ralston referring to it.

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