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They’re Monitoring Falafels but Not Their Own Agencies

Via Noah Shachtman, I see that a woman with potential ties to Hezbollah got a job in both FBI and CIA.

How good are the FBI and CIA’s background checks?  Each agency requiresits own separate investigation and polygraph before people are signedup to sensitive jobs.  Each agency missed an absolute whopper…

A 37-year-old woman who previously worked as an FBI agent and a CIA analyst, pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges involving improper access of information…

Sources say Nada Nadim Prouty,a Lebanese national and resident of Virginia, entered the United Stateson a student visa and earned citizenship through a sham marriage.

While officials say there is no evidence of actual espionage andno evidence that she was working as a spy, she used her access as anFBI agent to look up information about herself and her relatives, someof whom may have ties to Hezbollah. She also is accused of improperlytaking classified information home with her.

This revelation follows closely on the news that the FBI itself was scouring lists of falafel joints in hopes of identifying Iranian agents (which may mean they were looking for Hezbollah agents with ties to Iran).

Call me crazy, but it strikes me that they’re looking in the wrong place for Hezbollah infiltrators.

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