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Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get any Weirder: ‘International Mr. Rubber’ Comes to Chicago.

When did Chicago become a worldwide Mecca for perversion enthusiasts? Every year it hosts “International Mr. Leather” with its accompany “pig sex” parties (somebody call the Swine Defamation League). The Windy City is home to a ”museum” for sadistic sex practioners called the “Leather Archives & Museum” –  no joke; here’s the link to this tax-exempt, non-profit institution.

And now, Sodom-by-the-Lake welcomes International Mr. Rubber, an international contest for, well, rubber fetishists. Don’t ask. The picture above from their website should tell you all you need to know.

Partnering with the rubber enthusiasts was the Center on Halsted, a brand new “GLBT” community center in Chicago’s homosexual Boystown neighborhood (which is officially demarcated with rainbow kiosks). Center on Halsted’s construction was financed with the help of Illinois taxpayers through a $10 million “link deposit” by the Treasurer’s office — then run by a Republican, Judy Baar Topinka — that helped them get access to low interest-rate loans.

The same Center on Halsted runs programs for homosexual, bisexual and transgendered teenagers. Leather Archives also partners with Center on Halsted.

Is “rubber” just another “sexual orientation” or a perversion that is so twisted that most normal people could not even conceive of it? Either way, the rubber ”fetishists” apparently were out in force in Chicago area over the weekend, doing whatever rubber fetishists do. (Oh, I almost forgot: exposing this bizarre event makes me a closet “rubber-man” myself, according to the thinking of some “queer”-identified bloggers who keep a close watch on Americans For Truth. I do confess to enjoying Jacques Cousteau TV specials as a boy.)


In other Peter news, Blenders Herb, Dan L. and a few others directed my attention to The Peter’s latest feeble venture — Republicans for Family Values.

RFFV will oppose and expose groups like Republicans For Choice, Republican Unity Coalition and Log Cabin Republicans, which promote destructive anti-life and pro-homosexuality ideologies (masquerading as conservatism) within the GOP.

The RFFV website is published and edited by Peter LaBarbera, longtime pro-family advocate and president of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH), based outside Chicago. However, unlike AFTAH, a tax-exempt non-profit group, Republicans For Family Values blog has total freedom to report and comment on the presidential campaign and other races. We shall use this freedom to provide you with critical information on the comments and positions of Republican candidates, but also Democrats, Independents and Libertarians.

You can rest assured that RFFV will be nobody’s political toady in this or any election. LaBarbera has a well-established record of “calling ’em like he sees ’em,” which has earned him plenty of enemies in the liberal Republican camp, but also among some compromising “pro-family” types who, sadly, occasionally put loyalty to the GOP above pro-life and pro-family principles.

It appears that going all anti-homo-all-the-time with Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality isn’t profitable enough, so he’s expanded his range a bit to include airing his rage at the wayward Republicans that dare not to be as extreme right as The Peter desires. You know, those radicals like the Log Cabin Republicans, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, those RINO gay and gay enablers.

With this new shingle, which is not set up as a tax-exempt venture, LaBarbera is free to rail on about the presidential campaign, and it looks like the “liberal” Republicans are at the center of his target.

We at Republicans For Family Values believe that God does not favor Republican homosexuality or Republican pro-abortion advocacy any more than the Democrat variety. Having said that, we strongly believe that the media has helped cover up the social radicalism of Democrats like Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and Howard Dean.

In one of his recent posts, The Peter fixates on the Log Cabinettes anti-Mitt Romney advertisement (“Log Cabin Romney Ad Ignores Homosexuality and Calls Pro-Lifers ‘Religious Extremists‘”).

BTW, he only has 3 posts up so far, and comments aren’t turned on.

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