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lattespoon.jpgHere are a few bits and pieces to start your day.

The WaPo profiles Fred Thompson’s dysfunctional campaign that reads exactly like that Jerry and George network pitch of a show based on “nothing.”  (And Mrs. Thompson comes across as a creepy version of a screech owl.  Momma is not gonna be happy…)

— Rachel Paulose?  Oh, criticism of her is all overblown..nothing to see here.  Except for the multiple IG investigations and her miserable staff, that is, just for starters.  EricBlackInk has more.

— Via Lindsey at Majikthise, this interview at Talking Dog with Martha Raynor, a lawyer who has represented Gitmo detainees, is an excellent if not frustrating read.

— When you couple it with this from Digby on the idiocy of rabbit-hole logic, you’ll need much more coffee. 

Scott at LG&M attempts to parse Berman via Yglesias, and it comes down to this:  “I’m rubber and you’re glue” from Berman.  Ahhhhh, another example of Beltway Wisdom.  Excellent.

Jim at Making Light wants to know to whom exactly Giuiliani is campaigning?   Which is a good question, actually.  Perhaps ignoring the actual voters is all part of his grand “expectations game” scheme.

Emptywheel has a few questions about the GOP and their crackberry and e-mail habits.

— Finally, Matt Stoller at OpenLeft has some thoughts on where we’ve been, who we are and where we go from here.

What’s catching your eye in the news and on the blogs this morning?

[Coffee pix via ph0t0(free Burma!).]

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Christy Hardin Smith

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