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Love Won Out – 'All Gay People Have Been Sexually Violated'

Here we go — the lies of the ex-gay industry, bleated by Gender Issues Analyst Melissa Fryrear of Focus on the Family at one of Exodus International's Love Won Out conferences.

Jim Burroway and Dan Gonzales of Box Turtle Bulletin (with cinematographer) Esteban Rael produced this video, which contains audio of Fryrear making her outrageous statement. Naturally, she offers no evidence or statistics to make such a claim.

In this segment Jim discusses conference speaker Melissa Fryrear's bizarre claim of the hundreds of gay men and women she's met over the years every single of them has been sexually violated in their lives. Jim notes that Fryrear spoke in absolutes which lead parents to falsely believe their children (without cause) must have been molested at some point in their lives causing their homosexuality.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding