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Jeez, is This Surprising?

Study: Black pessimism worst since 1980s


Growing numbers of blacks say they’re worse off than five years ago and don’t expect their lives to improve, a study released Tuesday shows.

Could this have anything to do, one wonders, with the rise in White “Supremacy” movements over the last decade under the failed, bigoted leadership of a White House that seems happy to allow racist immigration policy to be the rule of the day, and willing to divide the nation along color lines in the name of making hay for lunatics such as Tancredo?

Between the GOP and the Minutemen, it's vanishingly hard to tell who the real culprit is. 

Pat Buchanan certainly hasn't been much of a touchstone of sanity here; it's no wonder his sister seems infected by the same pollution, spreading hatred and fear of the Other.

And the malaise is clear in the way certain people who should know better seem to get behind (!) black homobigots. Instead of spreading a message of empowerment for and acceptance of all, communities are taught to further hate, fear and subdivide themselves into smaller and smaller groups.

This is what the divide-and-hate credo brings us: A divided nation, losing itself in hatred, a democracy in decline bent on self-immolation.

Osama won the war, all right — but the seeds of this corruption were planted centuries ago, and well-fertilized by the steady stream of bullshit coming from Bush's orifice for the last seven years. 

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