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Censure Feinstein

I received an email today that made me so happy I nearly started to cry.  An organization of progressive Democrats in California are circulating a petition to urge the California Democratic Party to hold Feinstein accountable for her recent failures to uphold the ideals of her party – the ideals that helped her get re-elected last year for another 6 year term.  

Here is the gist of their statement from the email I received.  This was also covered at Dan Savage's SLOG, Towleroad and at Huffington Post:

“Dianne Feinstein has failed us.

Failed progressives. Failed Democrats. Failed Californians. Failed Americans.

As the world watches, you want someone to take a stand. To hold Senator Feinstein accountable. Now.

That's what Courage Campaign members overwhelmingly told us after Senator Feinstein's pivotal Judiciary Committee vote to approve Judge Michael Mukasey as U.S. Attorney General — a man who refuses to acknowledge that “waterboarding” is torture and will look the other way if President Bush ignores the rule of law. The Senator's vote condoning torture closely followed her vote to approve Judge Leslie Southwick to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit — a man with a clear record of condoning racism and gender discriminaton.

Whether it's condoning torture, racism or homophobia, Senator Feinstein's actions are unacceptable.

You demanded action. We're taking action: The Courage Campaign is calling on the California Democratic Party to officially censure Senator Feinstein.

Will you join and help build the movement to censure the Senator? With the CDP Executive Board meeting in just a few days, time is running out. A growing group of progressive grassroots organizations needs your support for a censure resolution no later than Friday at noon:


 – end of exerpt –

This is a great opportunity to express displeasure besides the usual demonstrations that frequently occur outside of her office in San Francisco.  She went too far years ago and it's time she actually realized the extent of the displeasure of her constituents.

Add your name, send it on to others. 

In a paraphrase of the statement that secured my abhorrence of Feinstein in 2004, I believe that is not too much too fast or too soon to censure Dianne Feinstein for betraying the principles of decency and fairness and liberty.



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