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PFLAG mom Marcia Neff guest posts on Bilerico about Love Won Out protests. 

Recently, a conference centered on “restorative therapy” came to a large Indianapolis area church. Love Won Out, a Focus on the Family program, drew over 1000 people. This conference is based on the premise that “individuals don't have to be gay and that a homosexual identity is something that can be overcome.”


In response, the Indianapolis chapter of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) sponsored a gathering near the church that day to counter their message. As we were leaving, a group of us were approached by a conference attendee puzzled by our rally. He didn’t understand why we’d be critical of people being told to love their gay children. We’d like to make our position clear.


We understand that many people struggle to reconcile their faith with this issue. We also acknowledge that every gay child who comes out to someone struggles in doing so, and that every parent who hears this from their child must come to grips as to how they deal with it. Seeking guidance, people come to this conference aching to hear Love Won Out's comforting promise that homosexuality can be cured.


We have walked in their shoes.  We all love our children, but we believe there’s another way. Read the rest!

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