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No Time Like the Present?

Via TPM Election Central, it turns out that reactionary Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo really is living in the past — he thinks this week is Halloween:

Tom Tancredo’s new ad, set to run in Iowa — if any stations will accept it, that is — is a true original. The ad depicts the dire consequences of our open borders through a dramatization of a fictitious terrorist attack in the middle of a shopping mall. Furthermore, it even ends with the sound of an explosion!

You can view the ad above, if you think your stomach is strong enough. Which, I guess, is the broader question — we all know the GOP (and their shadow allies) are going to be desperate enough to run ads like this in 2008. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to encourage goofball efforts like this to remove the shock value? A hamfisted ad like this could be a vaccine that helps inoculate the voting public against the more slickly produced emotional manipulations we’re bound to see by next fall.

What do you think?

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