Its not a joke.

  I decided to do it this monring, after a lot of thought about it.

I'm running for President in 2016.

Why so long?  Well, because my understanding of hisotry and the current cultural climate, and overall knowledge of theoretical sociology kinda points me towards that Election as being a rather pivotal one.

Will I win?  Most likely not.  Will I try?  Hell yeah.

In 2010, I'll likely run locally as well, for some position that looks reasonable. 

But I am genuinely throwing my hat in the ring.

Party?  No clue.  Will see what party looks good when it comes time to start gathering signatures and creating a campaign drive in 2013.

I've run for and achieved elected office before, so I'm not unfamilar with things. 

There is, of course, another reason to do it then.

 By that point, the information I've posted here regarding my past will be forgotten by far more people than myself.

I will have erased my past. 

I'm very good at doing that. 

Benefit of being raised by lawyers and having private detectives in the family, lol 


As a result of this announcement of my candidacy, I'm not going to be able to put up the fourth and final installment of the whole icky life story thing until tomorrow, for those one or two who might be reading idly through it.