Bad Warporn Theatre

Austin Bay, his tired eyes having seen too much war and too many bad Frank Lovejoy movies, sits at a beat-up Underwood and bangs out some corn for the 101st Fighting Keyboarders:

He looked at me, the dreadful nearness of it.

It’s on us, man, I continued. And I don’t like it. I didn’t like it during the Cold War. Remember 1983? The same creeps who’ve quit now, quit then. Reagan was a warmonger, going to start a nuclear war in Europe my responding to the Soviets deployment of theater nuclear missiles. The defeatists said the Cold War was our fault, we were the threat. Then the Berlin Wall cracked and that jackass calumny disappeared as Marxism’s Eastern European wreckage emerged in drab, polluted, horrifying, undeniable color.

This war follows the same arc, with the same defeatists adding new nouns to old verbs and adjectives. But it’s a war of liberty versus tyranny and they’re shilling for the tyrants.

Then Tex, Four-Eyes, Ski, Brooklyn, Sarge, and Austin sat around and drank whiskey, passing it around in a beat-up metal cup and talking about that special gal back home…you know, the one who said she would wait.

Off in the distance came the soft crump-crump of the artillery.

“The fight for freedom beckons, boys”, a weary Austin said as he adjusted his safari jacket from the L. Paul Bremer Collection at Cabelas, “It’s calling us…”

Cigarettes were extinguished and Hell was about to be unleashed…..

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