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Late Night: Wingnut Crap of the Week

haymarket (Pictured: Violence erupts outside Regnery Publishing headquarters in Washington D.C., as the Institutional Wingnuts of the World walkout enters its second bitter week)

Over the past week the nation’s attention has been lasered in on the Writer’s Guild of America strike — unsurprisingly so, since right now there’s nothing good on TV.

The issues in this dispute are clear. The Writer’s Guild has advanced the position that they want to be paid for their work when it is used on the Internet, and they would also like to be fairly compensated when their work is sold as DVDs. Management has responded with the substantive criticism that the writers are a bunch of babies. Powerful and obviously quite thoughtful voices have likewise suggested that the writers are “stupid”. And that’s Michael Eisner talking, a fellow famous for his brilliant management style and keen sense of what the American public wants, not only when it comes to entertainment, but also online. So you can see that both sides present equally compelling cases. It is exceedingly tricky to tell who’s in the right when you have such well thought out arguments on either side.

But no such difficulty ought to present itself when it comes to today’s other great labor controversy involving writers on the one hand and corporate management on the other. That would be the ferocious dispute that has broken out between certain of America’s most beloved completely insane right-wing authors and Regnery Publishing.

Some claim to find humor in this most unfortunate and dire situation. For shame! This is very serious business indeed — a human tragedy of truly monumental, even protruding proportions.

As Digby has reminded us, we must be sympathetic to the plight of our Brothers and Sisters in the Workers Movement everywhere, whether they be California grocery workers, Teamsters, or demented right-wing frauds who are bitching because their publisher is acting in a way that not only greatly benefits them, but is also in accordance with their most cherished ideological beliefs.

I am not so cynical as some of my colleagues in the Left Blogosphere, who apparently think the spectacle of these aggrieved wingnut authors is somehow “comical” or “amusing,” or that all this somehow makes them “absolute dipshits.” No.

I most sincerely urge all Regnery authors, and indeed all right-wing hacks and crazies writers and thinkers everywhere to immediately unionize. And right after that, go on strike. Make it a good, long, interminable one, too. C’mon! Power to the people! Stick it to the man! Sing along with me!

I know that such a course of action may further delay the appearance of Jonah Goldberg’s book but you may rest assured I am prepared to endure such an ordeal with manful forbearance. And if I can make such a sacrifice, is it in any way too much to ask that, say, Victor David Hanson stop telling the world what he thinks for a good long while?

I think not. Why, I’ll even bring donuts to the picket line! What do you say, Mary Katharine Ham? I know where to get some mighty tasty Boston Cremes!

Wingnuts of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains, or, I suppose, Cheetos.

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