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Speechless Broder

speechless David Broder took a question on his WaPoO chatz today about the new netroots fundraising trend:

San Francisco: Hello, Mr. Broder and thanks for chatting today. Three times this election cycle, the liberal “netroots” have staged countervailing fundraisers when establishment officeholders held lobbyist- and fat-cat-filled events: for Darcy Burner when George Bush visited Rep. Reichert’s district; for Rep. Tom Allen when Joe Lieberman staged a D.C. event for Sen. Susan Collin; and this past weekend when Donna Edwards raised more than $100,000 opposite a Nancy-Pelosi-headlined event for Rep. Albert Wynn.

Do you think this newfound online strategy will influence event-based insider fundraising during the rest of the 2008 election cycle? Will incumbents be afraid of stirring the netroots hornets’ nest and therefore avoid these insider-type events?

Atypically for a Beltway Villager, Dean Broder was speechless:

David S. Broder:

In a followup, a questioner from Missouri (Show Me!!) asked whether the absent reply was intentional or not:

Kansas City, Mo.: I was intrigued by the question posed above by “San Francisco” about competing fundraising events. On my screen, however, I don’t see an answer next to your name. Is that a technical glitch, or did you simply want to let the question stand without comment?

David S. Broder: A technical glitch. What I wrote was that I don’t really know how fundraisers willl react to this development, but, like you, I find it very interesting.

Ah yes! Dean Broder’s catchall “Whatchew talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” response: very interesting. Translation: does not fit established Village protocols, therefore inexplicable.

Maybe he’ll pass his “interest” along to those whippersnappers who really cover politics for the Post, and the paper will actually mention the phenomenon outside of WaPoO ChatzWorld.

Don’t hold yer breath.

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