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Mukasey Confirmed

From which we can take the following lessons:

  • It’s unclear that our political system has the fortitude to save itself anymore.
  • If you’re running for President, it’s dangerous to take a stand against torture–even if, like John McCain, you’ve been tortured yourself.
  • It takes a real beating–like the one Alberto Gonzales gave Richard (one good reason not to blog before coffee) Mark Pryor when he AGAG appointed Tim Griffin and attempted to "gum to death" that nomination–to convince a Senator that these votes matter (Pryor voted against confirmation).

And consider this: Muksaey, who played the same word games Gonzales did in his nomination hearings and who refused to say waterboarding is illegal, had a much greater margin of comfort than Gonzales had when he was approved for the same position (the difference is mostly due to the Presidentials not voting).

Update: pronoun clarified per JGabriel.

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