How Far Will We Allow The Institutional Church To Go?

“This understanding of church as an exclusive country club with a set of rules that everyone's got to follow – I don't think that's reflective of the type of community that Jesus was all about….”  [For the full article, see here.]


In that above article, part of it reads: 


“A book discussion at a Roman Catholic parish that was to be led by a lesbian Catholic and her father was canceled after objections from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.”


In another RC debacle, that occurred in Rome: 


“An Italian couple has been told the bride's cousin cannot attend the wedding because she is transsexual, supports gay rights and is a critic of the Catholic Church.


“Vladimir Luxuria was to have been a bridesmaid at the wedding, to take place this weekend at an ancient chapel in Foggia, in southern Italy.


“Italian media report that the chapel's priest told the couple that it has a choice to make: either they disinvite Luxuria or they do not marry.


“The priest, identified as a Fr Francesco, said Luxuria does not represent 'family values'.”


[For the full article, see here.]


In the last article, there is the appeal to “family values” as part of the justification for what I perceive to be extortion by a priest of the RC Church; in the first article, a discussion of a book written by a lesbian and her father is forbidden to be discussed in a RC Church.  Don't the father and his daughter have “family values?”


Rather than focus on its priest ephebophilia scandals, and the assorted coverups by Bishops and other clergy, of those who sexually prey on young people, and who, thereby, allow those priests to be moved about without consequence so that they are then free to emotionally and sexually prey on other young people, the representatives of the RC Church are into extorting a young couple and their families, and preventing a father and daughter from talking about their struggles and relationship in an RC church.


It is no accident that the sex scandals, costing assorted diocese hundreds of millions of dollars within the RC Church have provoked it to seek to divert attention from those scandals by demonizing LGBT people (Remember the witch hunts in seminaries to weed out those who might be Gay and who support 'Gay culture'?), and seeking to further assert its “moral” authority amidst the wreckage of lives and the serious compromise of the RC Church's reputation by all thinking, decent, and sensitive people.


Those in the RC Church, and in the institutional Church at large, who show disdain and spew hatred against LGBT people for living their lives as fully as possible, and for being true to the souls that God has given them, seek to fool others and, perhaps, themselves by thinking that they are taking the “moral” high ground by so doing.  But don't believe it for a second!


They are committing grievous offenses against others and against God!


No, “I don't think that's reflective of the type of community that Jesus was all about….”


[Also posted on A Christian Voice For Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, And Transgender Rights.]

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