The Kristol Kiss of DeathI don’t care who you are. I don’t take checks.

Oh, please don’t throw me in the briar patch Massa Kristol:

Bill Kristol has a typically provocative and noteworthy editorial now posted on the website of The Weekly Standard. Bill points out that the MSM chose to ignore one of the most significant Senate speeches I can recall: Senator Joe Lieberman’s critique of the Democratic party’s national-security stance, particularly on Iraq – a stance he lacerated. Lieberman is, it’s worth recalling, the man who was chosen by Al Gore in 2000 to be Gore’s running mate. At the end of the editorial, Kristol suggests Lieberman for VP again – but this time, to serve as the running mate on a Republican ticket. It’s an intriguing idea – and it would certain scramble the political chessboard. Whichever party wins in ’08, let’s hope Joe Lieberman plays a pivotal role on national-security matters. In the entire political world, there are not many who are better, or politically braver.

Considering that Bill Kristol has been absolutely fucking wrong about absolutely fucking everything since backward infinity, I think this is a swell idea. Whether the nominee is Giuliani or Romney or Ol’ Lonesome Fred, none of them is as distasteful as Holy Joe when it comes to the Democrats. Someday there may even come a time when they won’t mention that Joe was Al Gore’s running mate, and will instead point out that Joe Lieberman couldn’t even win his own state primary as an 18 year incumbent.

Listen to Bill: pick Lieberman.

Take him, he’s yours.

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