Saving his precious bodily fluids“You’re coming home with Daddy…”

Senator David Vitter – the Love Collector:

“It was a rule that I could not wear any perfume, body lotions, not even take a shower,” Ellis said. “Because he did not want any scent on him whatsoever. He would always come in, hang his jacket on the door, go into the bathroom and take a shower. He would come out with a towel wrapped around him and sit down on the bed. We’d talk. And then he’d do his business.”

Ellis also said that “usually people would leave their condoms in the trash can,” but Vitter would take his used condoms with him.

The assumption being that he was taking the evidence with him as opposed to, I don’t know, later marketing them as Larry Craig Juice Boxes.

I can’t believe I actually thought of that, much less typed it.

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