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ron-paul.jpg(Glenn thinks he’s a grassroots phenomenon, I think the whole things a little LaRouche-ie, but Sam sent this via email and it strikes me as probably pretty close to the truth — jh)

I live in a very rural area and “next door” to a family of intense, self proclaimed, “Ron Paulites.”They are “Christians,” home schoolers but reject Dobson. They organize meetups for Columbia County, New York and recently rallied and spoke on the steps of the captiol in Albany. They make homemade Ron Paul signs and then go on excursions to “Paint the Town Ron” (freeway blogger stuff). Their cars are covered in homemade Ron Paul signs. They distribute copies of the Aaron Russo movie (a Roger and Me-style search for the law that says you must pay income tax, a section arguing that the Fed is a plot by bankers to enslave us, and then into issues such as the Patriot Act). They also hand out Alex Jones dvds (9/11 stuff). They say Iraq is a disaster, income tax is unconstitutional, self reliance is the key, bankers cause inflation so that we the people are kept underfoot….

Their meetups consist of a wide range of people including Democrats, lesbians, old school Republicans. They have a lot of energy, a dose of paranoia. They hate Romney because he tries to buy votes. They hate Rudy because he is fascist (and have seen Realrudy films and are shocked that NYC’ers don’t love Rudy). Huckabee is too hawkish. Thompson is an empty suit.

With a little more success they will rip apart the Republican party. I wish them well and all the luck in the world.

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Sam Seder

Sam Seder