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Dusting off and fixing the damage

This, I believe. 

Like a car wreck or a house fire that we survive all we can do is accept what has happened and work to pick up the pieces, repair the damage done and try to prevent the same thing from happening again.  We don't continue to drive a car without a windshield and headlights and only three wheels, just as we don't live in a house that only has three walls and no roof.  But how do we clean up the wreckage left behind by a bill that willfully for the sake of expediency leaves behind an entire segment of a community?

At this point I think the way to move forward is to work as a community to educate eachother and our Senators to introduce a companion bill that would include the entire community.

We also need to work closely with the organizations that represent us on the Hill, including HRC to ensure that the fiasco we just went through doesn't happen again.  We need to be persistant and cohesive and demand to know who we need to lobby to change the hearts and minds of those in the Congress and the American people as a whole in order to include all members of our community in employment protection.

If an inclusive bill is passed in the Senate it would have to go back to committee to iron out the differences and be voted on one final time, hopefully by this point with gender identity included in the language of the bill.  We still can get this accomplished within the 110th Congressional Session but we have to work hard and as a collective team.

Autumn, Happy Cat, Pam, and a few others have done a great job bringing to light a lot of the problems faced by our T-Family.  And the time of them vs. us is over.  It is only We.  It is only Us.  It's taken 30 years to get Us even to a point of having this discussion in our community, and now it's time We have the same discussion with our straight allies and the people who are charged with representing ALL Americans. 

It's time to dust ourselves off, pick up the pieces and build a better home.  We'll arrive in a better vehicle when prevent the mess that caused the accident.  We'll get there together, and we'll be better for it.

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